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Throughout Central New Jersey, when the temperature drops the cold can be pretty brutal. At Air Professionals Heating & Air Conditioning we understand you can never plan enough for emergency situations.

Our bundle of superior products and quality services is the complete package to chase away the chill and preserve your warmth and tranquility.

Our NATE-certified, trustworthy techs can handle every heating challenge you throw at them, including furnace replacement, installation, repair, and maintenance. We are not like those other heating contractors out there.

Furnace, Boiler & Heat Pump Services Near Me

Furnace Repair Central New Jersey

Furnace Repair

Our technicians will help you get to the bottom of the problem no matter whether your unit is a gas furnace or an electric furnace. Our affordable furnace repair service can not be matched in Central New Jersey.

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Furnace Maintenance Central New Jersey

Furnace Maintenance

A furnace that is working properly is the key to low energy bills and avoiding untimely breakdowns. Our heating technicians go through a rigorous 28-point tune-up checklist during the visit. Regular maintenance and inspection could save you money on your energy bills.

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Furnace Replacement Central New Jersey

Furnace Replacement

If you’re thinking about replacing your existing furnace we will make sure your new furnace is the most affordable, efficient, and reliable fit. Our technicians are equipped and trained to hand any electric or gas furnace replacement.

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Heat Pump Repair Central New Jersey

Heat Pump Repair

An air-source heat pump can be tricky to troubleshoot. When you have a problem with your heat pump, you want to check the basics: air filter, power, thermostat settings. Anything beyond that, you need to call in a professional to troubleshoot the heat pump. Our heat pump technicians will be able to fix the problem on the first call.

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Heat Pump Maintenance Central New Jersey

Heat Pump Maintenance

Keeping up with your heat pumps’ maintenance means your unit will less likely experience an HVAC heat pump emergency during the chilly and hot seasons. We will make sure your heat pumps work well all year long.

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Heat Pump Replacement Central New Jersey

Heat Pump Replacement

When it comes to heating, homeowners have many options. If you’re looking for an inexpensive and efficient heating system, you might consider a split system heat pump. Heat pump prices may vary depending on if you go ductless or ducted.

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Boiler Repair

Boilers are usually very durable. They can last a long time and would rarely require any serious maintenance. However, now and then things could go wrong. If you have problems with insufficient heat or just a simple leak, give us a call.

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Boiler Maintenance

Boilers may not always break down, but it is still vital that you perform regular maintenance to function properly, especially during the cold seasons. The ideal time to schedule for this service is at the start of fall or during the summer.

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Boiler Replacement

All things must come to an end, even the life of your boiler. Even the most expensive and top-quality ones will reach the end of their life span. If your boiler finally retires and you need help replacing it, give us a call.

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emergency heating service

Emergency Furnace, Boiler and Heat Pump Repair

24 hour furnace repair in Central New Jersey. If you run into a heating emergency, the team at Air Professionals Heating & Air Conditioning is here to help. You can rely on us to bring clean, circulated heat back into your home in a timely manner.

Emergency gas furnace repair and emergency heat pump phone line: 908-284-2422

If you think it may be time to replace your old heating unit, schedule a FREE in-home consultation with Air Professionals Heating & Air Conditioning.

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Furnace, Boiler & Heat Pump Blog

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Air Professionals Heating & Air Conditioning is proud to be the experts on supplying customers with nothing less than exceptional heating solutions and furnace repair services.

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Carbon Monoxide is a deadly and invisible killer with no smell or taste. The CDC calls it the “Quiet Killer” for a good reason. This lethal gas produced by burning fossil fuels is estimated to kill over 400 people per year.

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6 signs your furnace needs attention

Winter is undoubtedly the most testing time of year for your heating furnace. Cold Winter weather places the greatest strain on your furnace, so you want to be confident that it is in tip-top condition.

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