Furnace Tune-Up To Prevent/Catch Carbon Monoxide

Carbon Monoxide Kills – Protect Your Family Now With a Furnace Tune-Up

Carbon Monoxide is a deadly and invisible killer with no smell or taste. The CDC calls it the “Quiet Killer” for a good reason. This lethal gas produced by burning fossil fuels is estimated to kill over 400 people per year.

However, you can significantly decrease the threat of Carbon Monoxide poisoning by keeping your gas furnace properly maintained.

Inadequate Combustion

A gas furnace requires an adequate supply of air to burn correctly and generate heat. However, the gas to air ratio must be exact to ensure the gas fully combusts. If the mixture is incorrect, it can dramatically impact the efficiency of the furnace.

Not only will it cause you to burn excessive amounts of gas, but it will also dangerously raise Carbon Monoxide levels.

In other words, much less Carbon Monoxide will be produced by a furnace if it is fully combusting its gas supply. For this reason, it is important to schedule periodic maintenance of your furnace. This will ensure that the gas to air mix is precisely right.

Flue Integrity

Even the most efficient furnaces will produce small amounts of carbon monoxide and other harmful substances. This includes particulates, sulfur dioxide, nitrogen dioxide, hydrocarbons, and formaldehyde.

The flue and chimney are designed to release these noxious compounds into the outside atmosphere. However, if your flue is structurally unsound due to hairline cracks or holes, Carbon Monoxide and other toxic fumes will be able to escape into your home.

Heat Exchanger Cracks

Another potential troubled spot is the heat exchanger inside of your furnace. If the heat exchanger develops cracks or other faults, Carbon Monoxide could be carried into your home.

Heat exchanger cracks commonly occur as a furnace ages. However, during an Air Professionals Heating & Air Conditioning service, our qualified Technician will inspect and test the heat exchanger to ensure its integrity has not been compromised and is safe.

If you can’t recall when you last had your furnace serviced, it’s time to call our furnace experts at Air Professionals Heating & Air Conditioning on (908) 284-2422.

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