How to Reduce Springtime Allergies in Branchburg, NJ

Spring is a wonderful time of year, full of chirping birds and blooming flowers. In our part of the country, the cherry trees are particularly spectacular this time of year. Yet for those who suffer from seasonal allergies, with all of this beauty comes a lot of suffering. As pollen gets trapped inside your home, hurting your home’s indoor air quality, the suffering increases. One way to help reduce your spring allergy symptoms is with a call to your local Branchburg, NJ HVAC contractor.

Where Indoor Allergens Come From in NJ

Did you know that your indoor air can be 100 times more polluted than outdoor air? Indoor allergens are a given no matter how clean you keep your home. Unfortunately, pollen, pet dander, and dust mites occur in even the cleanest home. Opening your windows for fresh air on a warm spring day allows pollen to enter your home, and your family members can even track in allergens on their shoes and clothing. Indoor allergens are inevitable, and that’s why you need help to control your indoor air quality.

Schedule an Indoor Air Quality Assessment in the Spring

If you suffer from allergies, this means that your home is not a respite, but rather an allergen-laden trap. An indoor air quality assessment can determine if you have a serious indoor air quality problem, and what needs to be done to address it. Air Professionals Heating & Air Conditioning is happy to provide this assessment for you, so you can make the right changes in your home to improve your indoor air.

Consider Installing Indoor Air Quality Systems

Once you know where your problems lie, it’s time to think about the right systems that can improve your indoor air. For this purpose, we recommend:

  • Humidity Control Systems. Too much humidity can cause mold growth, while too little humidity can cause respiratory problems and increased allergy symptoms. Humidifiers and dehumidifiers can help with both problems.
  • Air Purifiers. Air purifiers pull allergens out of the air, trapping them so that they cannot interfere with your breathing or cause allergy flare-ups.
  • UV Light Systems and Air Cleaners. Eliminate allergens, odors, and germs from the air in your home with a UV light air purifier or indoor air cleaner.
  • High Efficiency Air Filter. While not a system, per se, using a high efficiency air filter will help trap a greater number of allergens in your home, but make sure the air filter can be used safely with your existing system.

Which system is right for your Branchburg, NJ home? The answer depends on the source of your indoor air quality problems, and that’s why you need the insight of an HVAC professional.

Improve Indoor Air Quality with an HVAC System Tune-Up from Air Professionals

In addition to air quality products, Air Professionals Heating & Air Conditioning can help through a thorough inspection and cleaning of your HVAC system. Dust that is trapped in your ducts or a clogged air filter that isn’t doing its job well can add allergens to the air. Having a system tune-up and inspection in the spring can help ensure that you are not adding to your indoor air problems.

Trust the Family-Owned and Operated HVAC Professionals at Air Professionals Heating & Air Conditioning

Your family’s health is one of your first priorities, and spring allergy season can really cause problems for many people. Be proactive this spring to protect your family and improve your indoor air quality. Air Professionals Heating & Air Conditioning is a locally and family owned business in the Branchburg, NJ area who cares about your family’s health. Give us a call today to schedule HVAC services!

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