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What Is Factored Into an HVAC Installation Quote?

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If you’re a property owner, you’re probably used to hearing about “free estimates,” “free energy evaluations,” and “installation quotes.” In particular, an HVAC installation quote will help you better understand how your contractor arrives at the installation quote for an air conditioner – so you can be prepared with an understanding of what you should be getting, versus what your heating and cooling contractor is actually offering.

What’s Included in an HVAC Installation Quote

There are several factors that make up the HVAC installation quote you receive from your contractor.

These include the:

  • Size of your home
  • Manufacturer of your new HVAC unit
  • Model of your new HVAC unit
  • State of your home’s ductwork
  • SEER value of your new HVAC unit
  • Difficulty of the installation
  • Hours needed to complete the installation
  • Electrical system of your home (and unit)
  • Labor costs
  • Additional features/work needed to complete the project (for example,  a new thermostat)

While there may be more that goes into your individual HVAC installation quote, these are the main components.

Benefits of a New, Modern Air Conditioner

First off; you should understand the benefits of modern A/C units – they are more efficient than the ones made just ten years ago, which means you’d save money on your monthly energy bill during the warm seasons. Furthermore, they can be significantly quieter, which makes a big difference in smaller homes.

So the first thing you must decide is how powerful your A/C should be to function as a true home comfort system in the summer heat. Your air conditioner contractor will measure the relevant aspects of your home, and come up with the right-sized A/C – so there’s no need to worry about that. The size is rated by how much heat (by volume) the unit can remove from the house every hour – the unit used is usually British thermal units (BTUs).

HVAC Installation in New Jersey

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