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Understanding Indoor Air Quality in New Jersey

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Do you ever wake up in the morning, stretch, and take a deep breath of fresh air before beginning your day? If so, you’re not alone. But, what happens if the air you’re breathing contains allergens, pollutants, and other contaminants? Don’t put your health at risk! Learn what may be polluting your New Jersey home and how you can bring restore clean, healthy air to you and your family.

What’s In New Jersey Air?

Where you live in New Jersey plays a significant factor in determining what may be found in your home’s air. Below, we break down room-by-room what common pollutants could be lurking in your home:

  • Kitchen – Common household contaminants found in the kitchen include indoor air quality new jerseyformaldehydes, smoke, carbon dioxide, and cleaning agents.
  • Living areas – Organic chemicals from carpeting, furniture, glues and varnishes, carbon monoxide, tobacco smoke, and pet dander may all be found in common rooms throughout your home.
  • Bedrooms – Bedrooms often contain dust, dust mites, bacteria, viruses, and pet dander.
  • Bathrooms – Depending on the cleanliness of your home, your bathrooms may contain mold, mildew, viruses, and household cleaning agents.
  • Yard – Pollen, dust, pesticides, and herbicides are all commonly found in the air outside your home. These particles sometimes stick to clothing, hair, skin, and the fur of pets and can be easily tracked inside.
  • Garage – Mold, mildew, gasoline fumes, pesticides and herbicides, carbon monoxide, paints, and solvents are just some of the impurities found in garages.
  • Attic – Asbestos, dirt, dust, and formaldehyde may all be found in your New Jersey home’s attic.

Indoor Air Quality Solutions from Air Professionals

Although a growing topic of concern for New Jersey homeowners, we can help improve your indoor air quality. Our lineup of indoor air quality systems include:

  • Air cleaners – Use an air cleaner to remove contaminants from the air. Any pollutants are caught by using an air filter and clean air is recirculated in your home.New Jersey indoor air company
  • Air handlers – You can pair an air handler with your air conditioner, heat pump, or furnace for maximum system efficiency.
  • Air purifiers – Unlike an air cleaner, air purifiers use UV light to kill bacteria and mold so it cannot spawn, rendering contaminants harmless and improving the indoor air quality of your home.
  • Humidifiers – Use a whole-home humidifier to regulate humidity percentages throughout your home. By monitoring the correct levels, humidifiers can help prevent to duplication of mold, mildew, and other pollutants.
  • Steam humidifiers – Some humidifiers work best in conjunction with your heating system, however a steam humidifier connects to your existing heating and cooling system and utilize a built-in heater that converts water to steam. Enjoy proper humidity levels without running your HVAC system.
  • And more!

Ready to Improve Your Indoor Air Quality in NJ?

If you or a family member suffers from frequent allergies, or poor breathing, contact Air Professionals today. We can test your current indoor air quality and work with you to recommend the best possible solution in order to restore your home with clean, healthy air.

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