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Furnace Manufacturer Parts Warranty: How to Void Yours

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techImagine this: Your new furnace breaks down on a frigid Jersey night. You get a heating contractor to come out. He finds the problem and lets you know how much it would cost.

The problem?

The contractor has determined that the part that needs replacing can’t be covered under warranty. So now you’re stuck paying for labor AND parts.

How could this be so? Well, maybe the heat exchanger cracked and you didn’t purchase the warranty that covers that. But let’s say you did purchase a warranty that covers it.

Here’s a common reason your warranty could be null and void:

You didn’t maintain the furnace according to manufacturer’s specifications

Warranties are meant to cover any defects that are the manufacturer’s fault. That means the warranty won’t cover the furnace breaking down due to neglect of the owner (aka: you).

That’s why many manufacturer warranties specify that homeowners need to get professional maintenance once a year by a licensed heating contractor or the warranty will be voided.

Regular furnace maintenance is the equivalent of an oil change for a car.

According to ENERGY STAR, the best time to get furnace maintenance is in the fall before you start heavily using the furnace and before contractors, like us, get busy in the winter.

How HVAC warranties work exactly

So how do manufacturers figure out if the part was defective?

It works something like this:

  1. You call a heating contractor for help.
  2. Contractor comes out, figures out the problem and sees if the part can be covered under warranty.
  3. If the contractor determines the part is under warranty, they contact a local distributor and ask for the part.
  4. They install the new part and return the broken part to the distributor.
  5. The distributor can now verify whether the part was defective or not.

So, as you can see, there are 2 gatekeepers: the contractor and the part distributor. The contractor can figure out if the part was the manufacturer’s fault or yours. And even if the contractor thinks it’s the manufacturer’s fault, the distributor has to verify that that’s the case.

Has your furnace had maintenance yet?

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