5 Major HVAC Services Myths

5 Major HVAC Services Myths

An HVAC system is there to keep you comfortable all year round, whether from the humid summer heat, or a dreary, cold winter day. 

There are several misconceptions and conflicting opinions floating around regarding HVAC services. It becomes difficult for the average homeowner to separate the myths from the facts.  

Knowing the truth will help you pick the right system to install in your home and keep it in tip-top shape. Here are five common myths surrounding HVAC services.

Facts and Myths about HVAC Services

Myth No. 1: A yearly filter change is enough.

Myth No. 1: A yearly filter change is enough. 

Fact: While it would be great to change your filter yearly, it’s not enough and could cost you more in the long run. 

An HVAC system is continuously running, most of the time every day, all year long. Imagine the amount of gunk the filter stops from escaping into your living spaces. 

It could be anything from pet hair, dander, dust – you name it. That’s why you must clean your filter at least once a month and change it after three months. 

It will help the system have consistent airflow and work more efficiently. 

Myth No. 2: It’s best to install the largest HVAC system.

Myth No. 2: It’s best to install the largest HVAC system. 

Fact: An HVAC system that’s too large for a home is wasted potential. It’s like buying a second unit that does nothing when the other is more than adequate to handle the job. 

You’ll be wasting money for nothing, and that’s why you need the opinion of an experienced HVAC Specialist who has the knowledge to determine the correct size HVAC to fit your home. 

Myth No. 3: You’ll only need maintenance when your HVAC system breaks down.

Myth No. 3: You’ll only need maintenance when your HVAC system breaks down. 

Fact: You go to the doctor for regular checkups to know how to keep yourself healthy and prevent you from being sick. It’s better to discover an illness early than deal with it when it’s too late. 

The same should apply to your home’s HVAC system. Why wait for it to break down and cost you more money down the road? What if it happens in the worst part of Winter? 

Regular maintenance will keep your system running smoothly, and it will also prolong its service life. It may also save you money by fixing problems that increase your monthly heating bill. 

Myth No. 4: HVAC leaks inside your house are easy to find.

Myth No. 4: HVAC leaks inside your house are easy to find.

Fact: You may spot a few, but that doesn’t guarantee you got all of them, especially the biggest ones. HVAC specialist technicians have a foolproof method of identifying all the leaks.

It’s their job to hunt down all problems and not just leaks after all. And they can correctly seal any hole so that it won’t let the cold or heat escape. 

Myth No. 5: The thermostat is the best way to ensure the correct temperature.

Fact: It’s the thermostat that controls the temperature. However, you don’t know if the system is working double-time to maintain it at the level you want.

It usually happens to HVACs that have been allowed to run for long intervals without any maintenance. It may seem to be working well, but inefficiency could also be doubling your heating and air-conditioning expenses.

The problem could be with your furnace, air-conditioner, or leaks in the ducting. If it gets worse, it will have problems reaching your desired setting.

The only answer to this issue is regular maintenance, where you’ll know for sure if your HVAC system is running at peak efficiency or not.  

Frequently asked questions

Now that we’ve debunked some of these popular HVAC Service myths, let’s answer some FAQs. 

What is an HVAC service?

You hire an HVAC service for its expertise to install, maintain, and fix any problem in your home HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air-Conditioning) system. 

What are the services that an HVAC service provides? 

  • Figuring out the HVAC system that would be right for your home
  • Replacing an old or installing a new HVAC system in your home
  • Doing regular maintenance to ensure it runs smoothly and efficiently
  • Troubleshooting and fixing all problems with your system
  • Finding all leaks and patching them 

How much money do I save with routine HVAC service?

Ideally, you would have an HVAC service provide routine HVAC maintenance at least twice a year. Doing so would save more money on your monthly bills and from costly repairs. 

To give you a better idea, Air Professionals Heating & Air Conditioning says its maintenance costs only $130. On the other hand, installing or replacing a new HVAC on a 2,000 sq ft home typically costs between $6,000-$12,000.

Hiring an HVAC service to perform bi-annual or annual maintenance for a regular fee will keep your HVAC running efficiently. 

An HVAC running at peak efficiency will pay for its maintenance and more from the savings you’ll get on your monthly energy bill. Regular care will also prolong its service life.  

How should I choose an HVAC service company?

With so many HVAC companies offering their services, it can be hard to pick the right one. It’s always smart to read customer reviews about them online if possible.

Also, consider these following steps:

  1. Hire HVAC services that only work with licensed professionals who meet all state requirements.
  2. Get a second opinion from another company and carefully study and compare their estimates. Weigh the pros and cons of each service to figure out which one is better.
  3. Don’t proceed without any official proposal from the HVAC company and a signed agreement from both parties. You can only trust them if there’s a binding agreement that you can fall back on should you have any problems with their service later on. 

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