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Steam Humidifiers

Humidity control without the need to run your heater

The proper humidity control is an important factor in the comfort level of your home. However, some models of whole-home humidifiers work best when your heater or furnace is running. This may be a problem for homeowners with highly efficient furnaces.

Whole-home steam humidifiers connect to your existing central heating and cooling system. They have a small but powerful built-in heater that converts the water into steam. This means your steam humidifier will be regulating the correct humidity in your New Jersey home whether your furnace is running or not.

Benefits of Steam Humidifiers:steam-humidifier

  • Low water consumption
  • Energy efficient
  • Works independently of heating system
  • Easy to maintain
  • Enhances indoor comfort
  • Relieves respiratory problems like asthma and allergies

At Air Professionals, we maintain, service and repair all makes and models of humidifiers. We also install a replace several types of whole-home humidifiers.

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