Find the Right Humidifier For Your Home

It’s Winter, and we all know the common quality of the air during this time of the year. Dry air causes dry skin and dry eyes. Increasing the humidity level combats this.

What can you do to improve the humidity? We’ve got a range of humidifiers that can help you with that.

Looking into details like the size of your house, the type of heating system you have and which control type you prefer, we can make the best recommendation. We make sure that you are satisfied with our products, so Winter doesn’t have to mean dry air at home!

Humidifiers Are Not All Made the Same Way.

When you want the best possible solution, an HVAC contractor helps you achieve just that. Some humidifiers run with a power supply, and others only need the blower fan of an HVAC. Our contractors know their pros and cons. Taking different things into consideration, they use their knowledge to choose the one that suits your needs.

Whole-home humidifiers can work together with any heating system. We have our steam humidifiers that are compatible with mini-splits, baseboard heat, and boilers. There won’t be a single room with dry air in your house!

Different Humidifier Types

We offer a range of whole-home humidifiers systems. You will provide a quality solution that will help battle the negative effects of dry air. We will assist you in fighting cracked floors, dry eyes, itchy skin, and virus transmission.

Evaporative Power Humidifiers

Evaporative power humidifiers are attached to the warm air up-flow supply plenum on forced air furnaces and heat pumps. These types of humidifiers are efficient. They are easy to install and a great choice for systems with low or variable speed air handlers.

Evaporative Bypass Humidifiers

Bypass humidifiers offer high efficiency, simple design, and minimal maintenance. Bypass humidifiers are available in multiple sizes depending on need and HVAC system. Bypass humidifiers can be installed with automatic or manual control and require maintenance just once year.

Steam Humidifiers

Steam humidifiers provide the highest capacity of all humidifiers. Steam humidifiers are capable of delivering up to 34.6 gallons of water to the air per day, even in arid climates. An available fan pack allows steam humidifiers to be used in homes where ductwork is not accessible or not available.

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