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Heat Pump Installation in Flemington, NJ

You can increase the energy efficiency of your central cooling and heating system with a heat pump from Air Professionals. Our reliable, trustworthy technicians will help guide you through the process of selecting a heat pump that meets your needs. Since 1996, Air Professionals has been helping Flemington homeowners increase the energy efficiency of their homes while saving money on their monthly utility bills.

For residents of Flemington, Hunterdon County, and the surrounding New Jersey areas, we provide:

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Installing a Heat Pump in Your Flemington Home

Many Flemington homeowners looking to replace their old HVAC systems ask us about the best system to maximize their home’s energy efficiency—and we often talk to them about installing a heat pump.

What Is a Heat Pump?

A heat pump is essentially an air conditioner that cools your Flemington home in the summer and also works in reverse to heat your home in the winter. Instead of creating heat, like all other types of heaters, boilers, and furnaces do, a heat pump is more energy efficient because it simply moves heat (from inside to outside your home in the summer and vice versa in the winter). This one system provides year-round home comfort and does not require excess energy to heat up or cool down the air that cycles through your vents.

Benefits of a Heat Pump

Replacing your HVAC system with a heat pump can yield a variety of benefits. Assuming your heat pump is regularly maintained and serviced, it will provide:

  • Very low greenhouse gas emissions
  • 30 – 40 percent yearly energy savings
  • Long lifespan
  • Quiet operation
  • Low maintenance costs

Among tax credits and other benefits of installing a heat pump, your system may pay itself off within five years from the energy savings!

How Heat Pumps Work

Heat pumps use energy to move heat from one place to another. Because of their unique nature, they can be used to both heat and cool your home. In the summer, the heat pump takes the heat out of the air in your home and transports it to the air outside your home, acting as an air conditioner and cooling your home.

In the winter, this process is reversed. The heat pump acts as a heater, pulling heat out of the air outside and transferring it into the air in your home to warm it up. Since heat pumps pull heat out of the air, you will still need a furnace as a backup source of heat for extremely cold days.

Heat Pump Maintenance & Inspections

Even properly installed heat pumps need regular tune-ups. We recommend that Flemington homeowners schedule a heat pump inspection before every heating and cooling season. This will allow a professional HVAC technician to look at your system and ensure that it is in the best shape to provide total home comfort for the hot or cold months ahead.

With heat pump inspection and maintenance, you can avoid:

  • Mid-season breakdowns
  • Costly repairs
  • Breaking the manufacturer’s warranty
  • Energy waste
  • Inconsistent temperatures among different rooms in your home

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Heat Pump Repair

If our heat pump technicians find anything wrong with your system during our inspection (or if your heat pump does break down mid-season), we also provide top notch repair. We can handle any repair problem you have—large or small. Give us a call and we can ensure that your home is back to maintaining a comfortable temperature and energy efficiency!

Heat Pump Replacement

Heat pumps do have a limited lifespan—approximately 10 – 15 years. If it’s time to replace your system, call the Flemington heat pump experts at Air Professionals. Not sure if you need heat pump replacement? Give us a call if your heat pump:

  • Is older than 10 years
  • Requires frequent (and costly) repairs
  • Is causing your energy bills to rise compared to last year
  • Causes inconsistent temperatures from room to room

We will remove your old system and replace it with a brand new, even more energy efficient heat pump that will last you for years to come. Request an estimate online »

Flemington Heat Pump Installation & Services

At Air Professionals, we only install high-quality and extremely energy efficient heat pumps to ensure that your family benefits from improved home comfort and maximized energy savings for many years to come.

Schedule heat pump service online today or call us at ​908-284-2422 for more information on our services and products.