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Choosing an HVAC Contractor in New Jersey

Dealer-HandshakeWithWomanCouple-1Top Warning Signs of a Poor HVAC Contractor

Air Professionals knows that when faced with replacing an air conditioner or furnace, consumers will often seek multiple quotes. To help you navigate the sometimes tricky world of HVAC, we humbly offer some warning signs of a poor heating and cooling contractor.

  1. Bad Online Reviews: Always go online and read what other consumers are saying about the contractor before you agree to any work. One bad review could be written off, but five or six? Be careful!
  2. Beware the Low-cost Bid: Sometimes a contractor will deliberately under bid the cost of the project hoping to be hired. These low-cost bids often include inferior materials and craftsmanship, no insurance and/or licenses, poor project management, dragged out deadlines, and a failure to perform the required work safely. More often than not, they’ll find reasons to raise the cost up to what the bid should have been in the first place and expect you to pay the change-order before they finish the job!
  3. Untrained Technicians: How many of their employees are fully certified? Do their technicians hold certifications from North American Technician Excellence (NATE), Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and other important trainers? Do they just have one guy who has attended all relevant training, or is the whole staff fully certified?
  4. No Trade Association Affiliations: Like all industries, HVAC has trade associations that keep members up to date on the latest industry changes, safety regulations, training opportunities, etc. Does the contractor belong to Air Conditioning Contractors of America, Eastern Heating and Cooling Council, the Better Business Bureau, etc?
  5. No Guarantee: Is their work guaranteed? For how long? What will they do if there’s a problem with your installation?
  6. Subcontracting: Does the contractor do all the work associated with your installation themselves, or is some of it subcontracted out? Do you have any control over who receives those subcontracts?
  7. Permits? You Don’t Need Permits!: Wrong! Consumers must have building permits to upgrade their heating and cooling systems, the same as any other home renovation. Does the contractor acknowledge this? Does the company take care of all the permitting for you?
  8. Improper Insurance: Is the contractor insured correctly and with the right amount of coverage? If their technicians are injured at your home, or they damage your property, are they prepared with adequate liability and workers compensation coverage?
  9. Sloppiness: Look for sales people and technicians that are neat and tidy, and use special carpet runners or service booties when they enter a home. Tidiness may seem like a minor detail, but it reflects the precision and quality of the company’s work.
  10. Jargon: Make sure you understand what the contractor is saying. Contractors who talk above a consumer’s knowledge level are often times just talking around you. The dealer that takes the time to help you understand your situation and the right solution is usually the best.
  11. No Track Record: Has the company been in business for some time? Many companies come and go. Once you establish a relationship with a contractor, you want them to be around five years from now when you need service.
  12. Too Big Or Too Small: How large is the contractor’s company? Are there just a couple of people, so when the busy times come, you’ll have to wait for service? Are there so many employees the technicians don’t know you and don’t care? A good company is big enough to have the policies and the workforce to quickly and consistently care for your needs, but small enough that you are more than just a number to them.
  13. Distant or Unprofessional Location: Where is the contractor’s company located? Are they local, or based far away? What kind of facility do they have? Is it just a garage behind somebody’s house, or a legitimate business location?

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