Beast Cancer Awareness

$500 Goal - Raised $358.14

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October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Air Professionals would like to be an active supporter in the fight against breast cancer by raising money to support the cause.
This year, we are combining forces with our customers for Cancer Research. Round up your bill to the nearest dollar because every penny makes a difference. We are matching each customer donation penny-for-penny!


We will be donating the money we raise to the Susan G. Komen organization.

Backers List

NameDonate AmountDate
John & Cathy K.$4610/3/2021
Mike C$2010/04/2021
Jane S$5.0010/04/2021
Erynn M$.7810/04/2021
Amy H$.1910/04/2021
Kathy O$.7810/04/2021
Robert & Kate N$.5110/04/2021
John S$1010/05/2021
Joan H$.5110/05/2021
Emmett B$.7810/06/2021
Eric J$.9110/07/2021
Bob B$5.4710/08/2021
Brooke L.$.5110/12/2021
Bill Mac C.$.5110/12/2021
Matt D.$5.4910/12/2021
Richard G$6.2010/13/2021
Jeff and Pat B.$4.1910/13/2021
Ed & Linda D.$.7810/13/2021
Andy P.$.5110/13/2021
Nick C.$38.4610/13/2021
John & Catherine S.$.5110/12/2021
Bob W.$16.0010/13/2021
Maria & Dean B.$10.0010/14/2021
Peter S.$0.5110/14/2021
Helena S.$.5110/14/2021
Jeremy R.$5.1510/14/2021
Rebecca W.$5.5110/15/2021
Joe W.$8.4810/15/2021
Charles R.$.5110/15/2021
Alice E.$.2810/15/2021
Yelena M.$510/15/2021
Bill S.$5.5110/15/2021
Louis & Maria V.$1.7210/15/2021
Jim R.$.3410/15/2021
Dale M.$.5110/15/2021
Satwinderjit B.$.5110/15/2021
Christine W.$.5110/18/2021
Tim C.$31.4710/18/2021
Kathleen O.$.7810/18/2021
Wayne J.$10.5110/18/2021
Deborah S.$37.2110/19/2021
Alan H.$510/19/2021
Jimmy K$.5110/25/2021
Richard H$.5810/25/2021
Don H.$.5110/26/2021
Connie S.$.3710/28/2021
Bob R.$5.5110/29/2021
Patricia M.$2010/29/2021

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