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Noises You Shouldn’t Ignore from Your HVAC System

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The sounds your HVAC system can make are often more than just white noise—they’re often an indication of the health of your system as a whole! Is your air conditioner making strange, or unusual noises? Air Professionals Heating & Air Conditioning can help you learn what sounds to never ignore.

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The HVAC Sounds You Should Never Ignore

Some sounds are more sinister than others, but typically your system will only make the dull hum you’re accustomed to. Anything else, no matter how seemingly innocuous, can be a clear sign that something is wrong. Keep your ears out for these:

Rattling and Banging

Whether we’re talking a heating system, an air conditioner, or a heat pump, rattling and banging is typically all going to be the same thing: a loose or otherwise damaged component. The problem is one of the more threatening ones, as loose parts often collide with the rest of your HVAC components, and can lead to tremendous internal damage.

Shrill Whines, or Squealing

Whines or other shrill, annoying sounds will most frequently relate to your blower system–and more specifically and typically the belts located in your system. When a belt wears out or slips its setting, it will produce a constant whine or squeal while the system is in operation.

Rapid or Consistent Clicking

Recognize that faint, brief series of clicks as your HVAC system winds down after a cycle? Occasionally, this sound can stick around, or happen when your system is running otherwise normally. If you hear this on a consistent basis, there is likely an issue with a major electrical component in your system.

Hissing—Often Accompanied by Leaking

Generally speaking, nothing should be leaking from your air conditioner or furnace at all, but occasionally refrigerant will leak from one or more areas in the indoor unit. When this occurs, you’ll need a service professional to find and fix the issue fast.

Emergency HVAC Repair in New Jersey

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