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How to Save Money on Cooling Costs in New Jersey

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With the summer heat really getting its hooks in here in New Jersey you’ve probably started to see (much to your dread) that characteristic spike in energy costs. Looking for ways to cut cooling costs, but still stay comfortable? The team at Air Professionals Heating and Air Conditioning are here to give you a hand.

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How to Control Cooling Costs

The good news is that there are actually a lot of super simple and relatively stress-free ways to drop costs. It’s all about optimizing efficiency and setting up some prevention for the most common causes of poor cooling quality. There are some things you’ll need a professional for, but there are a few you can do all on your own. Today we’ll cover both!

What NJ Homeowners Can Do to Keep Cooling Costs Low

  • Change your air filter. A clean air filter facilitates better air flow and helps to optimize energy-efficiency. Filters in New Jersey should be replaced somewhat frequently—every two months at most, and more often for busier homes.
  • Make use of ceiling fans. Ceiling fans that run counterclockwise help to better circulate cooled air, making the rooms you’re in feel cooler. This impacts costs because fans use very little energy, and making use of them enables you to drop your thermostat a bit. Each degree represents up to 12% more energy used!
  • Upgrade your windows. Thermal transfer from sunlight accounts for multiple degrees more heat present in a room, making your cooling system work harder and use more energy. Your upgrade could be as long-term and complex as installing low-e glass, or as simple as getting some blackout curtains. Both work fine.
  • Know how efficient your air conditioner is. Energy efficiency for cooling systems is measured by SEER. The higher the SEER rating, the lower you can expect your energy bill to be. New units will have a SEER rating of at least 13 due to Federal guidelines and older systems may be costing you more to run since they are less energy efficient.

What Air Professionals Can Do

Keeping up with things on your own is a great way to optimize and save some cash, but it’s not a replacement for AC maintenance services. Professional AC tune-ups provide the cleaning, calibration, and parts checks your system needs to work its best. Not only will a maintenance visit drop your cooling costs, but it will prevent breakdowns, too, which just goes toward more preventative savings!

Ready to schedule your maintenance visit and start feeling cooler while paying less? Contact our certified HVAC team today to set a date, or to learn more about the benefits of air conditioner maintenance.

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