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Will a Heat Pump Work Well in New Jersey?

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heatpumpACNeed to replace your air conditioner and furnace? You’ve probably heard that heat pumps, which can both cool and heat your home, make a great energy efficient alternative on the heating side of things.

But you’re also wondering, “Can the heat pump keep up with the New Jersey weather when winter rolls around later this year?”

It’s a valid concern, and you’re certainly not the first person in New Jersey who has asked.

Here’s what says:
“When outdoor temperatures fall below 40°F, a less-efficient panel of electric resistance coils [in the heat pump], similar to those in your toaster, kicks in to provide indoor heating. This is why air-source heat pumps aren’t always very efficient for heating in areas with cold winters. ”

So, where you live in NJ (since some areas are colder than others during the winter) determines if a heat pump will be an energy efficient alternative to an air conditioner/furnace combo or not.

Here in Frenchtown, New Jersey, winters average around low 30s and gets in the low 20s. In that case, we need a special kind of heat pump to stay energy efficient–one that has a gas-fired backup furnace.

Staying efficient in super cold winters: Hybrid heat dual-fuel systems goes on to say that, “Some units now have gas-fired backup furnaces instead of electric resistance coils, allowing them to operate more efficiently.”

This is what’s known as a “hybrid heat dual-fuel system”. True to its name, it’s a hybrid of a typical heat pump with a gas furnace. So when the temperatures get below 40°F, the gas furnace kicks in to keep your system running efficiently.

Heat pumps have a come a long way

Heat pumps have come a long way as heating systems go. According to, “The efficiency and performance of today’s air-source heat pumps is one-and-a-half to two times greater than those available 30 years ago as a result of technical advances.”

We provide a variety of heat pumps that meet Energy Star energy efficiency standards that are guaranteed to keep your electric bills low month after month.

If you’re interested in getting one installed in your home, contact Air Professionals for a free, in-home installation estimate*.

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