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New Jersey Cooling Costs in 2015

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Paying more than the national average for utilities is nothing new to New Jersey homeowners. New Jersey homes are, on average, 20 percent larger than the average U.S. household. In addition, 93 percent of New Jersey homes having an air conditioner installed, and given the state’s close proximity to the Big Apple, cooling costs in New Jersey can get quite expensive in 2015.

A popular question amongst New Jersey homeowners as summer 2015 approaches is, “How much can I expect to pay for air conditioning this summer?” That’s a great question! Below, we’ve outlined how much you can expect to pay for cooling costs this season.

2015 Cooling Costs in NJ

To calculate how much you can anticipate to pay to cool your New Jersey home this summer, you must first know how much electricity your home consumes. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, the average NJ households consumes 4,566 kWh (kilowatts per hour) over the course of last year. At an average price of 15.31 cents/kWh (according to the EIA), it is estimated that New Jersey homeowners will spend approximately $700 on electricity this year ($699.05, to be precise!).

Taking a deeper look at cooling costs in New Jersey, approximately 13 percent of all electricity consumption is used to cool your home. So, you can expect to pay approximately $91 to cool your home in New Jersey this summer. Keep in mind that your electricity bills may be higher than you anticipate, but this includes electricity used by your entire home – like lighting, refrigeration, washers and dryers, etc. – not just your cooling system.

Air Conditioners & Electricity

Your air conditioner runs off a reliable electrical source in order to cool your home all summer long. So, your thermostat setting will go a long way in determining how long your cooling system runs for, and ultimately how much electricity it consumes.

The cooler you prefer to keep your home, the longer your air conditioning system will run to meet your demands. If you wish to cut cooling costs this summer, and ultimatel

How to Reduce Electricity Consumption This Summer

If this summer is exceptionally hot, consider the five tips below to reduce your electricity consumption and lower your utility bills:

  1. Install a high-efficiency air conditioner – Newer AC units are built with better technology than older systems and are built to operate more smoothly. Switching to a high-efficiency air conditioner can save 20 – 50 percent on your electricity use this summer.
  2. Use natural ventilation – Create a cross-breeze in your home by opening up windows and doors on different sides of the room or house. This takes advantage of the cool breeze from Mother Nature and gives a cooling effect.
  3. Use fans – Fans are used to circulate air in a room, creating a wind chill effect that makes occupants more comfortable. If you’re using a ceiling fan in your New Jersey home, make sure the blades are rotating correctly (counter-clockwise) to create the best chilling effect.
  4. Install a whole-house fan – Whole-house fans are used to create a positive air pressure in the attic and a negative pressure inside your home. This forces warm air out through a ventilated roof and drawing cool air into the house through open windows.
  5. Raise your thermostat – Although the New Jersey climate can be quite hot, causing for some uncomfortable days, raising your thermostat a degree or two can help reduce your cooling costs. We recommend setting your thermostat between 73 – 78 degrees to ensure maximum efficiency.

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