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Could Your Thermostat be the Key to a Better Night’s Sleep?

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digital thermostat with glow lightAccording to a recent study, about a quarter of American adults are not happy with how much sleep they get. And up to 10% meet the criteria for being an insomniac.

If you have difficulty sleeping, here’s a tip you may want to try out – lower the thermostat setting on your thermostat at night.

But isn’t that the opposite of what others recommend?

It’s true that you may have seen some recommendations from places like ENERGY STAR (or even our blog) that say to use a programmable thermostat to raise the temperature in your room while you’re asleep.

But that’s for energy savings.

If you’re setting your thermostat up to save on air conditioning costs and having trouble sleeping, you might want to try setting your thermostat to lower the temperature when you go to bed. Here’s why.

Studies show a cooler room can help you sleep better

Setting your programmable thermostat to raise a few degrees while you sleep will save you money, but might cost you sleep. Here are a few studies that recommend turning the thermostat down instead.

  • The optimal temperature for sleeping is usually between 60 and 68 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Insomniac’s body temperature tends to be higher than normal sleepers.
  • This causes a problem as it leads to heightened arousal and makes it difficult for the insomniac to fall asleep.

While these studies are far from being 100% conclusive, they all hint that a cooler environment can help people fall asleep faster and be in deep sleep longer.

How to test if a cooler room helps you sleep at night

Of course the only way to see if this helps you sleep better at night is to try it. Either lower the thermostat manually each night before going to bed or program your thermostat to do it automatically.

Then see if you feel more well-rested in the morning.

If you want to know even more about how your sleep patterns are affecting you, try one of the many sleep-monitoring apps like the ones below. These apps measure the amount and quality of your sleep. And many have built-in sleep timer alarms.

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