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5 Tips for an Energy Efficient Christmas

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OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA1.) Buy LED Christmas lights

LED Christmas lights win hands down over incandescent Christmas lights. According to the U.S Department of Energy, LED Christmas lights are:

  • More energy efficient (They use 70% less energy than traditional bulbs)
  • Brighter
  • Eco-friendly
  • Safer
  • Much cooler (literally) than incandescent lights.
  • Easier to install (up to 24 strings of LEDs can be connected end-to-end without overloading a wall socket)
  • Longer lasting—10 times more than incandescent

2.) Power down for the night

Whether you have LED lights or not, turn your Christmas light off before you go to bed.

To automate this, use a $4 countdown lighting timer to turn the lights off at the same time every night.

3.) Use your dishwasher efficiently

With food and plates a plenty, your dishwasher is going to get a workout.

Here are a few ways to use it efficiently:

  • Load your dishwasher to capacity.
  • Scrape—not pre-rinse—food off the plate before putting the dish in the dishwasher.
  • Wash at off peak hours when it’s less expensive to use energy.

4.) Turn the thermostat down

With guests over, you’ll have lots of body heat around to keep everyone warm.

Turn your thermostat down to 65-68 degrees or so to keep your utility bill low. (A smart thermostat can change the temperature setting for you automatically.)

By the way, around 65 degrees is the best temperature for sleep, according to the National Sleep Foundation.

5.) Tell guests to keep bedroom doors open

Did you know that closing doors can cause discomfort, health problems and high utility bills?

You can learn the details at But, long story short, closing bedroom doors pressurizes the room, pushing your heated air outside your home.

If heated air gets pushed out, then air needs to replace it. It will come in through the paths of least resistance, including the:

  • Chimney
  • Flue of the water heater
  • Furnace flue

This reverse flow of cold air could bring with it carbon monoxide (CO), outdoor pollutants, and humidity.

We understand that privacy is important at nighttime. But there’s no reason guests can’t leave doors open during the daytime.

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