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5 Simple, Quick Ways to Lower Your Summer Utility Bills

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With high temperatures finally here, you may be fearing the inevitable increase in your utility bills as a result of your air conditioner.

But if you have just a minute to spare, read through this article to learn 5 simple, quick ways to lower your utility bills.

1) Use your thermostat wisely

digital thermostat with glow light

Ok, we know you’re tempted to just set your thermostat on one setting and leave it be, but don’t do it!

You should typically keep your thermostat around 78°F when you are home and need cooling.
But, by raising your thermostat 10 to 15 degrees for 8 consecutive hours, you can lower your electric bill 5%–15%.

Don’t feel like micromanaging your thermostat? Install a programmable thermostat to change your setting automatically. With smart programming, you can easily save $180 a year on your utility bills.

2) Turn on your ceiling fans

Actually we should say “turn on your ceiling fans…when you’re in the room.”

You see, fans don’t really lower the temperature of your home. All they do is circulate the air and create a windchill effect, making you feel nice and cool

That means you can raise your thermostat setting about 4°F without feeling uncomfortable. Like we discussed before, every degree you raise your thermostat is more money in your pocket. 

3) Close your blinds

Unless you’ve got inside plants that need sun, there’s absolutely no reason to keep your blinds open during the day when you’re not home.

Closing them keeps the heat out. Meaning your air conditioner does not need to run as much.

Check out other great energy efficient window treatments at Adding these to your home will not only save you money, but improve the decor of your home.

4) Change your air filter when needed

Since you’re running your air conditioner non-stop in the summer, your air filter is going to get dirty–fast. Check it at least once a month and change it if it’s dirty.

If you don’t, it will impede air flow, causing your air conditioner to run longer than normal to cool your home and therefore run up your utility bills.

For more info, see our blog on why knowing when to change your air filter is essential to its health.

5) Keep your outside unit junk free

Outdate Airconditioning Unit
Your central air conditioner has two parts: the outside and the inside unit. The outside unit can get covered in leaves and dirt, which can impede airflow. This runs up your energy bill, and, if your outside unit is really dirty, your air conditioner will start blowing hot air into your home.

See if your outside unit needs a good cleaning and clean it off to start saving on your summer utility bills.

Cleaning your system is an important part of your annual air conditioning tune-up.

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