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5 Money-Saving New Year’s Resolutions That You’ll Actually Keep

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airprof_3New year’s resolutions are a chance for a fresh start. But more often than not, people don’t keep them.

According to a study by the University of Scranton, only 8% of people who make resolutions keep them. 

Many don’t keep them because they don’t set realistic expectations.

So, here are 5 easy, realistic new year’s resolutions that you’ll actually keep. They’ll help you save money, which was the 3rd most common resolution in 2012. We hope it’s your as well!

1) Install a programmable thermostat

Proper settings on a programmable thermostat can save $180 a year in lower energy costs, according to ENERGY STAR. That pays for the thermostat itself several times over.

So, just install it, program it, and enjoy your savings.

2) Create a simple budget that’s easy to track

Have a nasty habit of spending more than you should? Here’s a simple budget formula that gives you realistic percentages you should spend within. There are several free tools that make it easy to track your spending, including:

3) Wait for sales

We’re not saying always buy things on sale. But if you’re going to buy something, at least be frugal about it. Here’s a calendar from Lifehacker on the best time to buy anything in 2013. We’re not sure about 2014, but we imagine it’ll be similar.

4) Seal your air ducts

According to ENERGY STAR, many homes with central heating and cooling lose 20% of the air that’s distribute throughout the home because of leaks in the air ducts. The typical home pays about $1000 for heating and cooling a year, meaning you may be losing $200 a year.

A typical air conditioners lives about 15 years. In that 15 years you’ll have lost $3,000 in lost air. You can buy a new air conditioner with that kind of money!

Here’s an ENERGY STAR brochure about duct sealing. It’ll tell you how to work with a contractor to get this done.

5) Get your air conditioner and heating unit maintained once this year

Having a professional maintain your HVAC equipment not only keeps the system running efficiently (which will lower energy bills) but it will prevent you from voiding the equipment’s warranty.

That’ll be a big money-saver in case the equipment breaks down.

This resolution is easy to keep because you only need to call a professional twice in the year, once in spring for your cooling equipment and once in fall for your heating equipment.

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