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7 Noises from Your Heat Pump That You Should Never Ignore

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Very little is more alarming than sudden, loud, or persistent noises coming from your heat pump system. We’re all familiar with the usual hum and occasional ticking, but what does it mean when strange sounds start cropping up? What should you do? Today the team at Air Professionals Heating & Air Conditioning are here to help (and we’ve been helping homeowners from New Jersey since 1996)!

Heat Pump Noises to Listen For & What They Mean

Any of these sounds are cause for alarm, and for good reason! Unusual sounds typically indicate component wear or damage, and if left alone will only grow into much larger issues. In order to combat any strange sound, the best course of action is always going to be to call on your trusted, certified HVAC team to provide heat pump repair.

Keep an eye and ear out for the following.

Clanking and Banging

These sounds typically relate to:

  • Loose parts
  • Compressor damage
  • Coil damage

Loud bangs and clanks are most typically, as in nearly always, related to a component in the heat pump system that has come loose. The sound is literally due to the loose or damaged part slamming around in the compressor or main indoor system.

You can catch this sound either outdoors or inside, and the recommended course of action is always to call in an expert right away. Left alone, that loose component can do some serious harm to your heat pump system, and it may even come to a complete heat pump or major component replacement, which you ideally would like to avoid!

Squeaking, Squeaking, and Grinding

These sounds typically relate to:

  • Damage or wear in blower motor
  • Stripped or worn belts
  • Slipped belts

A persistent squeal or grind can be somewhat quieter, or loud enough to wake the deceased. The problem will most often end up being damage or wear to the blower motor or a belt in your heat pump. These typically just tend to wear out over time, and simply need to be replaced. The job is fast in the hands of a professional, and doesn’t tend to run you all that much, so be sure to get it handled! In order to help avoid this one altogether, routine heat pump maintenance can go a long way.

Persistent Clicking and Buzzing

These sounds typically relate to:

  • Electrical issue at control panel
  • Busted or defective relay
  • Electrical connections

You’re probably somewhat familiar with this sound; it’s the same one you hear when your heat pump first kicks on or off, and it usually goes away within a few seconds. But if the sound decides to stick around for minutes at a time, or just never stops, the problem probably lies with an electrical issue, either at the control or in a major component like the compressor.

What to Do When You Hear Strange Heat Pump Noises

The most important thing is to set up a professional service visit, since time is vital in avoiding more costly and complicated problems. Typically, we recommend shutting off the heat pump altogether until you can get service—this way you avoid further complications and larger repairs. After that just wait; our experts are on the way!

Heat Pump Repair Service in New Jersey

Catching some strange sounds coming from your heat pump in Mercer or Hunterdon County? Don’t stress! Just contact our heat pump repair experts right away and we can have things set right in no time. We put forth our best service possible to meet your repair needs, and top-quality is what we’re all about!

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