Air Conditioning and Heating Maintenance Program

Enjoy Year-Round Comfort & Peace of Mind

If you enjoy being able to rely on your HVAC equipment to keep your home comfortable all year long, then our Advantage Program is right for you. Becoming a member of our Advantage Program means that your equipment will be properly maintained and working at its maximum energy efficiency, resulting in an extended lifespan for your HVAC equipment.

Plus, if your system does break down, you will receive priority service and specially discounted trip and repair charges.

If the following advantages appeal to you…

  • Avoiding the inconvenience and discomfort of breakdowns
  • Reducing your energy bills
  • Having peace of mind concerning health and safety
  • Discounted repair charges
  • Extending the life of your equipment
  • Priority service if you ever have a problem

…then we would like to invite you to join the thousands of homeowners in the community who enjoy peace of mind knowing their equipment is working safely and efficiently — for one low package rate.

Call (908) 284-2422 or request information on how to sign up for our Advantage Program today!

Services Your Receive at Each Inspection

Here is the list of equipment we check and the services we perform for our Residential AC Maintenance Program customers. The items in the air conditioning and heating columns are performed at each inspection (once or twice a year, depending on your package).

Air Conditioning

  1. Check condenser coil and clean
  2. Inspect automatic blower control
  3. Check operating pressures for refrigerant
  4. Check thermostat calibration
  5. Check safety control where applicable
  6. Check all electrical connections
  7. Check voltage and amperage on motor
  8. Check condensate drain
  9. Clean or replace air filter (as needed)
  10. Lubricate all moving parts as needed
  11. Check for correct airflow
  12. Check starting capabilities


  1. Check thermostat heating anticipators
  2. Check all drain levers (sinks/tubs)
  3. Oil and check the fan motor bearings
  4. Check exposed ductwork
  5. Safety check of low voltage wiring
  6. Adjust fan limit control switch
  7. Check and record heat amps
  8. Check drain pan
  9. Adjust on-off control and set differential
  10. Check transformer’s output
  11. Flush drain line

Your Additional Benefits

Here are some of the additional benefits included in all of our Residential Maintenance Program packages


Two Maintenance
Per Year

You get air conditioning and heating maintenance per year, scheduled at your convenience.


FREE Filter

You get a free standard 1” filter with every maintenance—for free!



For every year of membership, you will earn $100.00 towards the cost of new HVAC Equipment replacement.


System Health
Report Card

Helping to redefine uptime with real-time diagnostics data about your system's overall health.


Repair & Products

15% discount on repairs and on air quality products

We're ready to help you! Contact us today! (908) 284-2422

We guarantee that your membership price costs will not increase for a 10 year period.

Sign Up for Our Advantage Program

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We're ready to help you! Contact us today!

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Kimberly J. C.
Kimberly J. C.
13:17 16 Sep 21
Tiffany C.
Tiffany C.
19:17 10 Sep 21
17:24 09 Sep 21
I have been using air professionals for many years. Jon came out today to fix our ac unit which... was leaking. He explained what was happening and made recommendations. He got the unit working so that we wouldn’t be without ac for the remaining hot season. He was so wonderful to deal with and most important,we trusted his advice and recommendation. Thank you for always putting your customers first. Thank you Jon for more